Track Your Health with Inner Biofeedback Journaling

Where do you go to get reliable answers regarding your personal health and wellbeing?

There are as many experts and doctors as there are aspects of the body, mind and spirit.

I am grateful for their expertise when it comes to life saving medical practices, and there are times when it is appropriate to seek the services of a qualified professional doctor.

The technique of preemptively striving for and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is often overlooked as a primary foundation to holistic well-being.

We are all accountable for our own health, even though most dis-ease is being passed on through genetics, environmental toxins and frequency distortions of the human energy field.

tuning the biofield with sound
Biofield Luminescence

Health is daily self-care on every level of being. All the specialists in the world cannot give you the care that you can give to yourself.

There are many practices that can help you navigate through the healing journey and transform malefic pathology into creative energy by holistic integration of your multileveled being.

Where does one begin?
Journaling and developing a keen awareness of inner biofeedback.

Holistic Wellness

Inner Biofeedback

Therapy Journal

Keeping a consistent journal will facilitate a dialogue between YOU and your different levels of BEING. When you tune inward, the conversation crosses all spectrums of perception.

Sensory information becomes realized through a collaborated daily record of experiences and associated responses. This goes way beyond a simple diary of what happened.

When applying this technique of attuning with inner biofeedback, you are able to monitor the deeper psychological undercurrents throughout your day and how they are affecting your body, mind, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I have created a series of Holistic Wellness Inner Biofeedback Journals that are specially designed to help you keep track of daily activities, events and correlated responses over the course of 28 days. They are simple, convenient and come in a variety of cover art.

You can use any journal you like, of course!

Here’s how it works


Keep a detailed account of all foods consumed throughout the day, write down the time. Be sure to include snacks, beverages, water and nutritional supplements,

If you follow an intermittent fasting routine, write down the time of when you start and end a fast.

Track your exercise habits by writing down what you did, even if it wasn’t a “workout”, all body activities can be recorded.

Check in with how your body feels after each event or activity, including how food impacted your digestion and keep note of discomfort, pain, fatigue, or anything else that you are experiencing and hearing from the body’s perspective. Whatever is of significance to you and even the things that you may overlook. Write it down.


If you are not already dedicated to a regular meditation routine, I encourage you to start one.

Take notes on your meditation practice, including the time, place and technique. Write down any impressions, feelings, thoughts and guidance. Notice the difference between before and after the meditation session.

Become aware of thought patterns and write them down. Sometimes we loop negative thought forms about ourselves. Catch them and reprogram this destructive background commentary into positive self-esteem development.

The mind thrives on learning new things. Take up a study course and challenge yourself to grow the powers of your mind. Write down what you learned each day and how that has affected the way you think and the choices you make.


Moods are very informative in that they show you where to look for the next big shift in your awareness. Sometimes we wake up with a mood that seems to come out of nowhere. Or a person says something that sends us into a feeling response that can either elevate us or bring us down.

Feelings play a distinct role in our creative process. Flow is the key, rather than ignoring, subduing or repressing them. Automatic writing and even doodling can help to process these oscillating energy currents of emotion. Journal it!


Higher sense perceptions need to be written down, so they do not go unnoticed and forgotten. Note whenever you get an intuitive nudge, pick up on a frequency tone, or receive messages from your inner guidance.

For people who are especially sensitive to energies, this may be overwhelming to try and write down every little shift in the room. The journal is about you, so keep the content relevant.


Keeping a quick note about the contents of your dreams can be very useful when weaving together a holistic wellness analysis. Be sure to include the feeling associated with your dream, along with any other details you can remember. I have found that the more I write my dreams down, the more likely I am to retain the memory when I wake up.


There is always room for improvement as we make small daily adjustments, ever fine tuning our sensitivity and calibration to authenticity. Being honest with oneself and others is standing within the centered place of integrity. Self-accountability is being able to follow through with the adjustments required of you to be in alignment with your personal evolutionary path.

Reflect on the choices you made today. How did they affect your mood? How will you make different choices tomorrow? What choices worked well for you today?


Give yourself space to write in an automatic free flow style, even if it’s just a word or a few sentences. It’s important to take a few deep breaths first and clear your mind. Pick up the pen and write beginning with the first word that pops into your mind. Keep if flowing for as long as you can.

Stay with the daily journaling for a full 28 day cycle in order to get a consistent flow of records established.

This is only one of many techniques used for self-discovery, shadow work and therapeutic care of your whole being. Journaling is a safe place to organize your own inner biofeedback processes and becomes a sacred work as you utilize the information to become more in attunement with your true self.

Shauna Mayfield – Thera Phase Art
Interior pages for holistic wellness journal
Interior Pages for Holistic Wellness Journal
water sound healing Journal
Water Sound Healing – Biofeedback Journal Therapy

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