The Solar Plexus & Life Digestion

Lifestyle Crux Unravel chronic DIS-EASE one string at a time. Disseminate the pieces and discover a root cause. As one stands at the crossroads of growth and decay, it is logical to choose life over death…. although death is the inevitable outcome of life. You can choose to master the quality of this inate process….


Hush, it is only the Winter who has come to take the land… It is the time of year when sunlight exposure is at minimum and temperatures dip into the freezing realm. A damp and heavy atmosphere often blankets the sky as fire in the wood stove is always providing. Energy is redirected toward introspective…

Landslides and Roadblocks

A Winter Reality Check Suffering can be brutal and seem unfair, but the rewards are to know the difference and care more.  What do you do when there is a downpour of earth shaking tragedy that has washed over your lifescape? A sudden chasm opens up and has swallowed something familiar and precious to you….

Learning New Skills is a Double-Edged Sword

Rhythm & Reflection Excitement and enthusiasm for initiated decisions could wane as frustration at the pure volume of information that is spread out resembles a much grander feat than initially thought. Paralleling foundational knowledge and study is apprenticeship, bringing essential and relative experience. I really do love the process of learning new skills even though…

Leaping Beginner Blogger

Do you ever feel like there are times in your life that you have to be dragged across the threshold? Resistance to good things happening is rooted in fear of failure. Self doubt killed the dream before it even had a chance to unfold. This very first post is about going beyond comfort zones, breaking…