Energy Restoration through Biofield Tuning

In the interest of biofield study, research, and practice, I am seeking out open minded and curious participants who would like to be introduced to and experience this fascinating approach to electric health.

Book Review: Fast Like A Girl by Dr. Mindy Pelz

If you are a woman who is considering taking a bite of the fasting buzz, this book is essential. Dr. Mindy Pelz has a straightforward warmth and an approachable style of presenting a very scientific topic.

7 Most Common Intermittent Fasting Mistakes

New to the benefits of intermittent fasting? You’re going to want to know about these essential tips for making the intermittent fasting experience so much better with less negative symptoms that are common with beginners.

The Trick with Kale & How to Prepare Kale to Be Enjoyable

Kale is a little up tight and just needs to relax. Don’t we all? Preparing the kale can be a little time consuming, so get into a meditative state of mind. That helps the process go smoother and gives the kale a nice vibe while you’re working with it!

Holistic Thanks & Giving Wellness

Nurturing begins with activating the microbial photonic life-force in the soil of your being, the body. When care is cultivated, it gives free open-source healthy energy. If you are feeling depleted of vitality or opposingly overanxious and chaotic, that is a signal that the energy circuits within your body and biofield are dysregulated. It is…

Stress is Opportunity for Alignment

Notice your reactions and behavior during stressful experiences With what seems to be a perpetual onslaught of world threatening panic on a global collective level, humanity is dealing with a chronic condition of low to high levels of adrenal fatigue.  When your life is suddenly threatened, the body responds appropriately so that you can get…

The Solar Plexus & Life Digestion

Lifestyle Crux Unravel chronic DIS-EASE one string at a time. Disseminate the pieces and discover a root cause. As one stands at the crossroads of growth and decay, it is logical to choose life over death…. although death is the inevitable outcome of life. You can choose to master the quality of this inate process….

Metaphor of Time Perception

Running for Life Is your life ruled by the schedule of time, never seeming to have enough? Or are you ruled by the escapism of reality into a timeless dreamworld? Where is your mind if not in the present? Time appears to be a multidimensional phenomenon that relays location sensory perception. It exists and yet…