Holistic Thanks & Giving Wellness

Nurturing begins with activating the microbial photonic life-force in the soil of your being, the body.

When care is cultivated, it gives free open-source healthy energy.
If you are feeling depleted of vitality or opposingly overanxious and chaotic, that is a signal that the energy circuits within your body and biofield are dysregulated.

It is an unavoidable consequence of daily life for a human on this planet. The interactions between our electromagnetic sensitive bodies to our family members and co-workers, to the energetic quality of food nutrition taken into the body and all the surrounding environmental frequencies including power lines, internet signals, cell phone towers, satellites, planetary bodies and space weather…. are happening with or without your conscious involvement. Without a strategy for holistic wellness, the likelihood for dis-ease dominates.

Imagine an irrigation system set up to water several sections of your garden. There is a main source of water coming from a creek that fills a storage tank and that connects to the watering system below. If there is not enough pressure, then the water will not fill all of the lines and some areas of the garden will not get the essential water needed to grow properly. If there is too much pressure coming in, then a water line is likely to explode and subsequently deplete your entire storage tank before you even notice that something is wrong.

Water and electricity want to flow without obstruction. We are composed mostly of water, minerals, ionic compounds, electrical currents and magnetic fields. So, it makes sense that this is where the nurturing process begins.

Dysregulated flow can be mitigated with a simple daily routine of visualizing energy maintenance.

This does not need to be a complex or overly spiritualized process. The most important feature is that it fits into your busy schedule and lifestyle. It should also be very practical and personally effective. Be creative and dynamic as you experiment with different techniques.

During these partitioned moments of your day, find a place without distractions. Turn your phone off, turn the lights off, and unplug yourself from all the other frequencies interrupting your ability to listen quietly within.

Grounding is a quick and effective way to regulate some of the disrupting frequencies we encounter. Consciously connect with the core of your being and bring your attention into the main source flow of your body through the center line.

Visualize your energy cord extending into the depths beneath your feet, like a grounding rod. Ground your electrical field to the center of the Earth with intention. Flush downward all the free-floating charge that is weighing down or over activating your biofield. Breathe in deeply and fully exhale as you release tension and anxiousness, downward beneath the soles of your feet. Through the grounding cord, you are letting down energies that are creating discord. When you establish a deep connection into the Earth, you’ll feel relaxed.

Next, bring your awareness to the top of your head and visualize an electromagnetic connection between yourself and the center of the Sun. Bring this charged solar radiance down into your body and into your cells.

Lastly, bring into alignment your fragmented personal energies that have been diverted out of the center line of flow. Call on the energy that belongs to you, return it into your energy field and reclaim it as your own. This is true accountability and integrity.

15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night

Notice how it feels to connect with the center line of yourself and to stand in alignment within the core of your being to the core of the Earth and to the core of the Sun.

Daily practice of a wellness plan will relax tension that compounds within the body and nervous system. Find what works best for you, but most importantly be consistent.

You can always listen to a guided meditation if self-directed visualization is not your thing. There are so many styles and techniques available to choose from. Binaural beats are helpful to induce relaxed brainwaves and are easy to listen with headphones while on a lunch break.

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and I encourage you to practice giving yourself the most appropriate care that you need to be in alignment with your authentic self and in turn give from that centered place of grounded wellbeing to your family and community.


Shauna Mayfield – Thera Phase Art


Coming Soon!

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