Stress is Opportunity for Alignment

Notice your reactions and behavior during stressful experiences

With what seems to be a perpetual onslaught of world threatening panic on a global collective level, humanity is dealing with a chronic condition of low to high levels of adrenal fatigue. 

When your life is suddenly threatened, the body responds appropriately so that you can get out of danger quickly. That works well if you’re being physically attacked, but generally that’s not what triggers stress in most people’s everyday lives.

Low level stress signals can become like white noise in the background that is normalized as a daily vibration. Traffic delays, an unpleasant work environment, deadlines, financial constraints, family drama, and the list goes on. This kind of stress is a drain on the adrenals and will diminish the flow of energy within your bioenergetic system.

The energy of anxiety and stress usually is accompanied by an underlying tone of worry and fear. As the under current increases, it becomes exponentially potent. The intensity may become an electrical surge as a biochemical cascade of stress hormones floods your bloodstream.

Energy is directed away from the core to the periphery limbs for a quick response in action should the perceived threat move in an act of aggression. Over long periods of exposure to stress over time, our bodies will literally move fat storages from the legs to the abdomen to protect vital organs from harm. 

Tension is a fixed charge, a live wire.
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Discharge will deplete your energy circuitry while allowing for a restoration period. This can happen with or without conscious awareness. The discharge could be explosive, a sudden projectile reaction. The energy could be harmful to yourself or somebody else, but its message is always clear.

Here’s where the adjustments are honestly presented as alignment. That is why it’s important to intentionally connect with these electrical components of stress, trauma, anxiety and fear appropriately. You will know the difference because you’ll feel calm after the energy is moved rather than exhausted. 

There is something valuable to be preserved when going through life situations that are particularly earth shattering. It is an opportunity to become more intimately connected with the root chakra, the body, the foundation of our home, a sense of security, a right to exist, a deep connection to nature, the sun and cosmos.

This core-centric alignment is multidimensional rooted consciousness. 

If you are experiencing discord, just know that every ending starts a new beginning and there is a distinct cyclic nature to personal development throughout life experiences. Conflict and resolution, death and decay, is an ebb and flow rhythm. There is a need for self-accountability and integrity. We all have a template of holistic wellness, and these currents of energy can be integrated to the core. They can be harnessed and channeled as you are a fully alive and creative being.

Develop your own personal strategies and tools to help you when these intense energies of stress become overwhelming. Sometimes space is all that is needed for a moment to adjust perspective.

One of my daily techniques involves walking in nature meditatively as I visualize my bioenergy field being cleared and charged. I see it kind of like going through a car wash.

Remember, you can bring yourself back into a state of calm and relaxation with your intention. Practice breathing more deeply. Create signals for yourself to recognize when tension is disrupting flow and then develop an automatic harmonic alignment.

Foundationally, root downward to the core of the Earth to release disruptive energies.

Hands on the heart and solar plexus, deeply breathing with the intention of releasing heavy and static energy, following the downward current of the legs and feet through a grounding cord that reaches to the center of the Earth.

Now follow the ascending current up the spine through the crown chakra to the Sun’s core. Draw down the diffuse solar wind of healing photonic radiance. Fill every cell with activated light waves. Charge the bioplasmic membrane that is your shield. Settle into a calm heart space where love always wins over fear. Choose love. Within, without, above and below.

May you give yourself the gift of calmness during a storm
Shauna Mayfield – Thera Phase Art

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