Energy Restoration through Biofield Tuning

In the interest of biofield study, research, and practice, I am seeking out open minded and curious participants who would like to be introduced to and experience this fascinating approach to electric health.

North Gate Book Club

My goal is to share with you an outline of content within the book, a summarization, and commentary as to what the author is presenting throughout the progression of the book from start to finish.

Leaping Beginner Blogger

Do you ever feel like there are times in your life that you have to be dragged across the threshold? Resistance to good things happening is rooted in fear of failure. Self doubt killed the dream before it even had a chance to unfold. This very first post is about going beyond comfort zones, breaking…

Seed Germination Cabinet

Spring is surely to come, and I could not wait to start my first round of seeds. In this little video, I’ll show you my homemade seed germination cabinet.

Threshold of Change – Beyond Resistance

The last thing you want to do is ignore the signal that it’s time to make some changes. If you don’t decide what habits to break, they will become destructive and break down other areas of your life such as your relationships, your career, and even your health.

Book Review: Fast Like A Girl by Dr. Mindy Pelz

If you are a woman who is considering taking a bite of the fasting buzz, this book is essential. Dr. Mindy Pelz has a straightforward warmth and an approachable style of presenting a very scientific topic.