Energy Restoration through Biofield Tuning

Electric Body Harmonics

As life events unfold from conception to the present moment our memories, thoughts and emotions record and play a musical soundtrack. Like an instrument, our radiant living bodies love being in tune.

Biofield Tuning is the pioneering work of Eileen Day McKusick who has been researching and studying the effects of audible sound on the biofield for over 25 years. She is the author of the books Tuning the Human Biofield and Electric Body, Electric Health. She has developed a working thesis that has proven to be remarkably effective in the field of energy bodywork.

Tuning forks are a powerful tool that assists with movement of energy between the edge of the biofield and into the central channel bidirectional current. One difference between Biofield Tuning and other energy healing practices is that the tuning forks work under the premise of resonance and entrainment. They offer coherent soundwaves that allow dissonance to resolve and untangle energy that was caught out of flow. The adjustment process can reach into deep patterns of distortion. A session may facilitate integration of aspects within the Self that have been fractured out of alignment and need to be processed back into the main channel of your energy body system.

Tuning Fork Set
My Tuning Fork Set-Up
Custom woodworking by my love, my husband

Hello Beautiful Beings…

My name is Shauna Mayfield
author and creator of LOVE LIFE GIVE CARE
Shauna Mayfield – Electric Health Facilitator

I am a recent graduate of the foundations course within the Biofield Tuning practitioner training program. Over the next few months, I will be fulfilling practicum hours as part of my required continued learning before completing the final part of the program to become a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner.

Biofield Tuning
Tuning the Human Biofield
Electric Body, Electric Health

In the interest of biofield study, research, and practice, I am seeking out open minded and curious participants who would like to be introduced to and experience this fascinating approach to electric health.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to connecting with the people who are in alignment with receiving Biofield Tuning and desire to bring feedback into the research and development of this unique application of sound therapy.

to learn more about
Biofield Tuning
being a participant in my practicum
please visit my new website

Thera Phase Biofield Tuning

Thera Phase Biofield Tuning

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