The Solar Plexus & Life Digestion

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Unravel chronic DIS-EASE one string at a time.

Disseminate the pieces and discover a root cause.

As one stands at the crossroads of growth and decay, it is logical to choose life over death….

although death is the inevitable outcome of life.

You can choose to master the quality of this inate process.

Humans are equipped with the vital impulse to make changes in their life that result in homeostasis. However, that’s not what moves one towards the active work of achieving this outcome.

Rather, it’s well-defined values that propel optimum choice and results.

VALUE comes from the Latin word VALERE

“To be strong, powerful, influential, healthy, to be of value”

Closely related to the word VALIANT

“Boldly Courageous, Stout-Hearted, Bravely Determined”

Heroism is the initiator of wellness.

Iceland – Pixaby

Crossing the threshold of familiarity into the realm of the unknown is necessary for change.

One could be dragged kicking and screaming towards wellness, putting up defensive resistance while clinging to the zone of familiarity.

Or an individual can valiantly choose to thrive while walking across the threshold. Being alert and prepared with wielded tools of developed strength and fortified character.

In growing from the moment of conception all the way through adulthood we are constantly making internal adjustments, calibrating ones being as a self-regulating, autonomous whole organism within the whole system of biological and cosmological order.

Originating from ancient genetic coding of ancestral roots, deeply embedded emotions rise to the surface of the subconscious mind to play a recording of inherited psycho-drama discordance.

Trauma, anxiety, grief, depression and rage are all natural emotional tones on the spectrum of biological humans.

Without proper digestion of life and death processes,
psychic plaque stagnates the flow of life-force energy.

If the toxic environment is not healed, a chronic condition manifests and the biological organism begins to self-destruct.

Homeostasis is the work to be done, and that requires courage, strength, fortitude, and vitality.

Why do these characteristics matter?

The greatest threat to the human species is to care less

Antonyms of Vitality

indolence, laziness. anemia, bloodlessness. languidness, languor, lethargy, limpness, listlessness, sleepiness, sluggishness, spiritlessness, torpidity, torpor, weariness. apathy, impassivity.


apathetic, sluggish, or lethargic. (of a hibernating animal) dormant.

having greatly reduced metabolic activity. unable to move or feel.

Dissemination of these complexes can initially be catabolic and messy, yet a necessary disrupter of patterns and repetitive cycles. As your inner world smooths and clears the reflective surface of your awareness, your relationship with the outer world feels a tsunami of cleansing energy that naturally yields towards organization.

Moving methodically and attentively the entire process becomes an act of volition.

Movement and emotions are a part of a feedback loop, connecting the body to conscious awareness. Inertia and suppression redirects this communication flow to the subconscious mind.

Pain becomes neatly packaged, buried and locked away with secrecy in the body, a taboo zone.

Body, is a living map for consciousness to seek out untouched pain and heal the whole organism.

Listening to the conversation between body, mind and spirit, one becomes sensitized to the dialogue. Intentional will to attune with healing is deeply and personally concentric from the core.

Healing trauma is the act of a warrior who hunts the trail of pain and walks towards the suppressed psyche to empty it’s contents on an alter as a gift. 

Acknowledgement and care are what you give pain, what you receive is true source power,

through the process of transmutation and refined life-force.

Ultimately… you are your primary caretaker and healer.

Partners, parents, gurus and mentors cannot do the inner work that is necessary to connect the disintegrated shrapnel of your psyche (Soul).

Through the body a Soul is healed. Every act of respiration is a gift.

Allow movement and fluidity of your body as a process to transmute energy.

The liberating currents rising from matter and the manifesting currents descending from spirit…

are spinning your core, the inner Sun and power generator (solar plexus).

Consciously connect the bio-luminescent energy field emanating from your being to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. Connect your hands, feet, and senses to the elements.

From this grounded place…

life and death processes can be optimally digested through purification and transmutation.

Solar plexus health is key to psycho-metabolic flow of the subtle body.

The following excerpts are from the book

Wheels of Life

by Anodea Judith Ph.D


Manipura – “The Lustrous Gem”

Solar Plexus – a complex of ganglia and radiating nerves of the sympathetic system at the pit of the stomach

“In the body, the third chakra is located in the solar plexus, over the adrenal glands. This is where we get those butterfly feelings when we’re nervous- when the third chakra isn’t feeling confident and powerful. It’s a flighty feeling that brings our energy up instead of down, yet it stimulates and awakens us to heightened sensitivity. When we are grounded, this stimulation can be empowering and vitalizing. Without grounding, we may get a flurry of undirected energy.”

“In correspondence with fire as combustion, the third chakra rules over metabolism, and is responsible for the regulation and distribution of metabolic energy throughout the body. This is done through the combustion of matter (food) into energy (action and heat).”

“As we put together matter and movement, we find that they create a third state: energy. If we rub two sticks together, eventually we get a spark that can ignite a fire. In the physical world, we call this combustion. In the body, it relates to metabolism. Psychologically, it relates to the spark of enthusiasm that ignites power and will; in our behavior, it is the realm of activity.”

“If we are to rise upward through all seven chakras, it is the fire of our will that propels that movement. It is through our will that we liberate ourselves from fixed patterns and create new behavior. It is our will that steers us away from that path of least resistance, that addictive habit, or the expectations of others. It is through our will that we take actions that are difficult or challenging, moving toward something new. As we take these actions, we begin to transform, but the first step is breaking old patterns. Thus, the initial task of the third chakra is to overcome inertia….the will combines the forces of stillness and movement, earth and water, each shaping the other….Our will combines holding and moving in a way that directs action and shapes our world.”

“Mass, movement and energy are three inseparable qualities of our physical world. The first three chakras represent a trinity of fundamental principles regulating our physical bodies and all matter. Together they form a dance of cause and effect, which gives us the energy for activity. Without a supply of energy, we have no power. But energy alone is not enough to constitute power. For that, the energy must be directed.”

“It is the descending current of consciousness that guides this energy into purpose. It is intelligence that forms the intention that shapes will and directs activity. In this way, the descending current brings us form, while the ascending current brings us energy. Only when the two combine do we have power…To enter this chakra is to embrace the inner power that comes from the integration of body with conscious intelligence. In this way, we become effective agents of transformation.”

Thank You for Reading

Be Well & Thrive!

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