Seed Germination Cabinet

Spring is surely to come, and I could not wait to start my first round of seeds. In this little video, I’ll show you my homemade seed germination cabinet.

Courage to Thrive & Summer Solstice Bliss

North Gate Farm News Well, it’s been a long while since my last post! The last two months have been a whirlwind of adjustments and adaptation to the new place, wherever it may be that you find yourself now standing. From that central point within, get rooted into being alive because the world is only…

Full Swing Spring!

Deep Roots and Flexibility… get us through Uncertainty I don’t know about you, but for me it has been yet another year of personal upheaval. At this point, I’m getting fairly used to abrupt changes. Yet one thing remains constant… I am remaining determined to focus on improving my approach to food production and self-sufficiency….

Winter Harvest on the Farm

Fresh food doesn’t get better than locally grown and in season When my family and I first moved out to a little rural town near the far northern border of California, a driving motivation was to live as close to the land as possible and grow lots of food to the point where eventually we…

Seeds in my Hands, The Best Medicine

Grow Your Own Food Unless you’re living in a super insulated utopian dome of everlasting paradise, you’ll know the world is changing at supersonic speed in every direction. You have to be an awake player in the game of life using all skills learned and yet to be, to navigate magnetic pole excursions, grand solar…