I am a Soul Technician with Resolve that is Sure as the Sunrise

Deep embodiment and connectivity with the Earth yields grounded momentum.
Do you ever feel like you're expending tremendous amounts of energy into productivity and yet there is a lack of positive results to show for all the mucking around? All spin, no traction.
This is the moment you decide to streamline energy expenditure and be in resonant flow with your template of holistic health.

As we move on down the chronological sense of a timeline and the number associated with age increases, there is a deep sense of knowing that our time being alive in a body (embodied) on this planet is short. 

Tune in with Nature.

Spring with combustive pulse as Winter wanes.

The idea of New Year’s Resolutions is a bit of an old hat. I find that the energy will eventually wane while resolutions are easily given up on when life gets more complex.

Daily renewal is the only way I have found to move forward with balanced and steady lifestyle changes. Small daily adjustments allow for daily realignment.

commune with resolve that is sure as the sunrise.

Long ago, a friend spoke these words that have since been a family mantra.

“The sun has come up; it is my job to make myself happy.”


The word job has many connotations. You need a job to pay the bills. Work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone. Your job absorbs your identity in a 5 days a week 9-5 rat race. Let’s face it, not everybody has a job that they love and more often than not I’d say they would rather do something else with their time.


your occupation is not necessarily your vocation

Occupation is a job you are hired by an employer to perform in exchange for money, a currency of energy that is used to buy and sell in our modern society. The Latin word occupationem alludes to taking possession of time.

Vocation is a job where you are performing works to grow and evolve as an individuated being. The Latin word for vocation is vocare, meaning to call. Essentially, it is your calling.

When I first heard the distinction between vocational and occupational work, it opened my perception of how to experience life in a way that offered satiety. I hired myself and created a new job title, I am my own personal soul technician.

Have you ever given yourself the task of creating happiness?

What does it mean to BE happy?

From my perspective, happiness means being deeply connected with the life force and intimately familiar with this currency of energy that pulses through my being, the earth, the sun and cosmos. My job is to guide myself back into flow whenever I start to veer off center and into the ditch of anxiety, boredom, depression, or apathy.

The most empowering act I have learned to perform is that of being accountable for my own happiness.

What this really means is to Know Thyself.

Learn to listen and deeply sense what your needs are from every aspect of your being. Knowing what words and feelings must be expressed, what thoughts to eradicate and which ones to articulate, what foods, sounds, and sights to ingest or abstain from and what movements your body desires to make all require self-awareness. It is a holistic model of wellness that encompasses a full spectrum experience of life embodiment as a spiritual and earthly being.

Knowing isn’t enough though. I must take action and participate. When I am accountable for my created life, there is nobody else to blame. It has been extremely effective for me personally to be reminded of this simple fact. My relationships and communications are healthier when I honor this truth.

Align with essential happiness that is grown and cared for by the true core-centric Self…the Soul.

Be resolute with your intentions and thrive. Life is so much more fun when you choose to flow.

Shauna Mayfield – Thera Phase Art

If you’re interested in learning about how trauma can be healed, I am reading The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk and writing a series of blog posts as I go through the chapters.

The Body keeps the Score
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Biofeedback Therapy Journal
water sound healing Journal
Water Sound Healing – Biofeedback Journal Therapy

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