One of the Keys to Succes in Life…Grow Your Own Food. Do You Need a 2023 Garden Layout Planner?

One thing is for sure when it comes to the future…

I want food security and health...for myself, family, friends and communities around the world.

Starting with what I have control over, I’ll plan my garden for next year!

It’s never too early to get ready for the most successful gardening year ever in 2023.

When you plan ahead and keep good records, your gardening calendar will be the ultimate reference book throughout your lifetime skill development of self-sufficiency.

That was a mouthful, but you get what I mean!

There is a plethora of gardening planner books out there and many of them are sufficient, but I noticed many seem to be designed in a similar way using a basic cookie cutter style template.

As a very practical gardener who happens to love making journals and notebooks, I made my own gardening calendar!

2023 Revised Edition
6×9 Paperback
210 pages
Grow Your Own Food Gardening Calendar Planner & Log Book 2023

Bright and vibrant original cover photos and graphic design. A Perfect gift for gardeners!

Grow Your Own Food Gardening Planner & Logbook was created to offer words of encouragement and to inspire dedication towards caretaking of the land and body through cultivation of organic vegetable gardening skills and practice.

This 2023 calendar and planner includes Informative and helpful tips for beginning gardeners and advanced gardeners. Achieve food gardening success by using your own design layout planner.  Enjoy a bountiful harvest with organic vegetable gardening practices.

Keeping track of your gardening records is a plan for success. It can help you recognize where and how plants grow best in your backyard garden or commercial farm.

May your daily gardening practice cultivate holistic nourishment, vibrant health, and optimal wellness for yourself, family and community!



This book is the second edition and has been designed in such a way to make it more easily flipped through to find monthly headings and weekly dates. The days of the week and date are located on the outside edge of the pages.


  • Year at a Glance
  • Monthly Outlook
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Goals – Projects – Budget
  • Phases of the Moon


  • Numbered Grid Paper
  • Lined Note Paper
  • Plants Profiles (123 spaces)
  • Soil Test Kit Records
  • Amendment Records  


  • How to Prune Apple Trees & Grapevines
  • How to Make Aerated Compost Tea
  • A New Way to Categorize Nutrients for Plants
  • How to Use Foliar Sprays
  • Moon Phases & Lunar Plant Growth Cycle
  • Astrological Gardening Basics
Harvested cabbage head giant pumpkin and a farm girl with farm dog
Every farm girl needs a farm dog!
Shauna Mayfield

Give the gift of happy harvests when you develop strategies with effective planning for success!

Want to check out the interior pages? Watch this video I made plus a bonus summer garden farm tour at the end!

Check it out!

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