Landslides and Roadblocks

A Winter Reality Check
Suffering can be brutal and seem unfair, but the rewards are to know the difference and care more. 

What do you do when there is a downpour of earth shaking tragedy that has washed over your lifescape? A sudden chasm opens up and has swallowed something familiar and precious to you. A tender exposed wound leaves an open space. 

Trauma leads a crossing over the threshold again, leaving one world and entering another. After the land slides, you will recognize how precarious life really is.

The landscape forever changed. 

Just lightly resting upon these mountainous pathways for vehicles, carved out of shifting geological matter, I drive and expect the road will be there upon my return.

You rise to meet the morning routine every day. Yet unexpected, unplanned, and chaotic forces of catastrophe can at any moment pull the rug.

Is it an unfortunate fate or something entirely different? 

You may have noticed that in the midst of a crisis, time has a way of speeding up or slowing down and alters your perception to be either vividly clear or absolutely delusional. In this way, a crisis brings abrupt reality checks. 

It may be that most of the shit storms that manifest in our lives are brought upon ourselves. Other times it really is just random chaos. Who knows for sure, but it’s healthy to ponder these things and find meaning for yourself as to why events happen in your life the way they do. 

A moment of suspension is directly experienced during and after a traumatic event, a sort of shock perception delay. A multitude of ways one may choose to go at this point.

The choice here is to drown or swim, wake up or dissociate, freeze or explode. 

The way a reaction is applied to life is primarily instinctual but also logical. The unconscious precedes reason, and we know this by the way words and actions fly over our conscious approval all the time. 

So what can be done? In that paused space of a moment, downshift.

Inhale deeply and expel thoroughly through the bottom of the soles of your feet to the core of the Earth.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Simple and effective! 

The charged emotions and images associated with trauma are potent enough to make you sick if they remain active in your biofield. This simple visualization and breathing exercise immediately grounds the current, allowing a natural flow in bio-electric pathways. Basically, you want to calm the nervous system.  

Processing traumatic events tends to flow in waves, like many other patterns in nature. Not every wave will hit in the same way as the initial impact. The oscillation is necessary as a means of stirring up debris for clearing.

It’s good to feel the tones of life…of being human. 

Another tool I use for clearing trauma is journaling. It’s an old friend of mine from early childhood. In fact, this article is really an entry into my journal. I have experienced tragic loss today, my cattle dog has made her way to the dog spirit land and I feel great sadness.

These things happen and, in some cases, the extreme nature of trauma can be debilitating. Suffering can be brutal and seem unfair, but the rewards are to know the difference and care more. 

Have a blessed celebration for life and your loved ones today wherever you are in the world!

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