Learning New Skills is a Double-Edged Sword

Rhythm & Reflection

Excitement and enthusiasm for initiated decisions could wane as frustration at the pure volume of information that is spread out resembles a much grander feat than initially thought. Paralleling foundational knowledge and study is apprenticeship, bringing essential and relative experience. I really do love the process of learning new skills even though there are very challenging stages to complete.  

Playing, exploring, stumbling, and gaining skills with much practice is the sensation of touching life. It’s not much different from when we were first born into this world.

When you are handed a sword, what will you do with it?

Choosing to focus on learning new skills in a crash course style may indeed prove to be frustrating. So rather than expecting to have a finely crafted and attuned tool in your skillset toolbelt, get acquainted with making some mistakes and reviewing. 

This is a highly competitive endurance sport called life. Patience, attention to detail, and strength to stay with it through the ranks are essential attributes to success. 

The good news is there is no finish line, so just relax into a nice comfortable jogging rhythm.

Of course, you want to have an outline of where you’re going, but let it be flexible. Not all the answers are laid out clearly up front, what fun would that be? 

You have free will to go any direction at any time.

Every moment is a choice. Even after the land slides, you have many options before you. The point is to find the flow and stay within that state. Sounds easy enough, right? Stagnation is generally not a preferred mode, so let that be a motivating force. To stop is equivalent to decay, just keep breathing and taking steps. 

Sometimes movement is energized and bursting forth, at other times it seems to lag and need encouragement. Tune into these moods and let it be. Part of finding the way forward is respecting where you’re at. As long as a centered equilibrium is established once again…

…let the undulating emotions follow through their course.

In other words, unfold naturally. 

I encourage you to start at the beginning, pick it up where you left off, or keep up the pace! Wherever you are on the path, you can always get back on track, accomplishing new skills.  

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