Seeds in my Hands, The Best Medicine

Grow Your Own Food

Unless you’re living in a super insulated utopian dome of everlasting paradise, you’ll know the world is changing at supersonic speed in every direction. You have to be an awake player in the game of life using all skills learned and yet to be, to navigate magnetic pole excursions, grand solar minimums, climate catastrophes, economic resets, and the pand-…oh no, I will not go there….

We’re now hearing the term “food uncertainty” being tossed around. Did your stomach just send you a little rumble of discontent with those words? It’s complacent thinking to assume that food from all over the world will be on the shelves of your local grocery store whenever you need it. You know, like that late night trip to the store to get… (insert addictive substance) …my husband always needs milk and juice and God forbid if there is no cream or sugar for tomorrow mornings coffee. I tease…because that’s what you do to your friends. 

“Just in time delivery” has been put to the test over the last two years, giving us a little wake up call. Do you ever think about a time when food may not be so readily available? I’m not trying to freak you out, but seriously….

The overwhelming scope of global problems are out of an individual’s direct control and that could feel very disempowering. But I’m not one to wallow in defeatist demise as you’ll soon come to know. I choose to go on living without a perpetual state of “what if” trauma mindset, and I’m sure you’re not looking for that kind of trouble either. 

Have no fear! Unless your life is actually being immediately threatened…because that’s legit. 

Focus instead on taking the lead in your own life outcomes by anticipating change and making proper adaptations. With some dedicated planning and care, you too can be sure to have plenty of fresh produce from the garden, providing sustenance throughout a crisis. So get motivated!

It’s late December now, a perfect time to wrap up the loose ends of 2021 and welcome a new year with fresh perspectives. Take the time to really know what your food production needs are going to be next year. Don’t get lost in the weeds (no pun intended) of those beautiful seed catalogs. It’s not worth growing stuff you’re not going to eat. Be experimental, have fun, but always keep the practical goal of food security at the forefront.  

For example, I don’t need to plant so many freakin’ tomato plants next year! My husband has a serious obsession with salsa, and that has been the driving force behind the unbelievable amount of tomatillo plants and I don’t know how many other tomato plants that took up a huge piece of real-estate in my garden. One can only eat so much salsa! 

Next year I will focus more on growing a variety of food for preservation needs. Stay tuned for my posts on the topic of preserving food without freezing or canning. This will be a new endeavor for me and I am excited to share my results with you as I proceed. 

From beginner gardeners to seasoned professionals, everyone should be getting their hands into some soil and planting seeds with evermore zeal in the coming years. Get inspired to try something new, be brave! Whatever happens next year and beyond….

Always remember that your sense of security comes from within. Meaning, primarily it’s up to you to do this for yourself, but also so that you can help your loved ones and neighbors. 

Throughout the seasons If you would like to learn about the trials, tribulations and epic rewards of growing food, please follow my debut blog and vlog website where I will share with you from a down to earth and practical perspective, what you can do to take it upon yourself to grow your own food. 

I also write about homesteading adventures, holistic and healthy living and astrological insights

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