Leaping Beginner Blogger

Do you ever feel like there are times in your life that you have to be dragged across the threshold?

Resistance to good things happening is rooted in fear of failure. Self doubt killed the dream before it even had a chance to unfold. This very first post is about going beyond comfort zones, breaking away from the safety of familiarity and leaping into uncharted territory with the confidence of a three year old.

Now in your adult life, there is a voice who chimes in every once and awhile and casually says…

“How about taking a turn here and going with this really great idea you’ve been sitting on your whole life?”

It’s the one that usually gets drowned out by an old familiar critical voice, probably sounding like somebody you know from childhood who says …

“You have lost your mind, nobody in the world cares about what you have to offer, best just stay inside and be safe. Besides, look at all this other shit you’ve got to do!”

At some point you either shrivel up all your creative juices like a sun dried raisin or you can cure that elixer into something pleasurable to drink. So across the threshold you go and with that primary step comes a massive shift in perception.

The way of the old world must be put on the shelf for now. It worked that way before, but this is a new land! There are language barriers, cultural differences, and an accelerated drive to learn quickly the skills needed to move into the next phase of development.

Take the time to honestly reflect (seriously, go get your journal) and ask yourself…

“What is creating an obstacle between this moment and realizing the next leap in personal growth?”

There are many common themes that hold a person back. For me, I was in absolute paralysis at the thought that I would be rejected. Judgement from others, especially people we care about, abandonment, being ostracized, and of course the ever pervading fear of failure. We can create endless ways to resist what we deep down inside know would be an awesome change for the betterment of your life. 

I sincerely encourage you to be heroic in the way you walk through these thresholds. It is a right of passage and initiation into the classical journey of an individual’s pure spark of light. 

Will you leave something behind in this world to make it a better place? 

Pay attention to your inner dialogue and listen for the voice of the critic who wishes to “keep you safe”. That’s where to begin when it comes to deconstructing the resistance towards growth and the awesome evolution of Self. 

Good times leaping forward, and I’ll be chatting with you again soon!  

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